Adotas: How Advertisers And DIY Brides Are More Similar Than You’d Think

30 May 2012

John Battelle recently wrote an insightful piece called “On Thneeds and the ‘Death of Display,’” in which he discusses the three types of independent internet publishing that are all struggling, “the traffic-hungry site-specific content model, the “standard display” model upon which it depends, and the RSS model. He also — very nicely — gave readers the solution to the problem: “Wrap content with appropriate underwriting and set it free to roam the internet.” Easy enough, right?

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  • “Pluck is an amazing partner to NewsCred and has helped us strategically and creatively build our brand. Kate has transformed how we’ve traditionally thought of PR — not just as a tactic for publicity, but as a real strategy to  grow our business. She is incredibly dedicated, results-driven, always on-point and a true member of the NewsCred team!”

    – Alicianne Rand, Director of Marketing, NewsCred
  • Kate’s work goes beyond any normal definition of PR. To her it’s about more than the story or the coverage but about ensuring her clients truly succeed in an overall business sense.  She has her finger on the pulse of what we are doing and is already pitching the story before we even know there is one, ensuring we can stay focused on our product and users. Even though you know she has other clients, Kate makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room.”

    – Jess Levin, CEO and Co-Founder, Carats & Cake